Using my Scale Converter Tool is a breeze and makes your scaling projects accurate and easy. Whether you’re crafting a dollhouse, creating some dollhouse furniture, building a model, or just experimenting, this tool has you covered. Just plug in your measurements, select your units and scales, and let the tool handle the rest!

Convert any measurement in a known scale into another known scale.

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Using the Scale Converter Tool

Here’s how you can use our tool step by step:

  1. Open the Scale Converter Tool: First things first, open up the tool on your device. You’ll see a simple interface with places to enter your measurements and choose your units and scales.

  2. Enter the Measurement: Let’s say you have a chair that’s 120 cm tall. Type “120” into the “Convert” field.

  3. Select the Units: Next, pick the units of your measurement from the dropdown menu. For our example, choose “cm” because our chair’s height is in centimeters.

  4. Choose the Scale to Convert From: Select the current scale of your measurement. Since we’re starting with a real-size chair, choose “1/1” from the “in” dropdown, meaning full-size.

  5. Select the Units for the Conversion: Choose the units you want for the new measurement. We’ll keep it simple and stick with “cm”.

  6. Choose the Scale to Convert To: Now, select the scale you want to convert to. We’re making a dollhouse chair, so pick “1/12” from the “to” dropdown.

  7. Convert: Hit the “Convert” button. The tool will do the math for you.

  8. View the Result: Voilà! The converted measurement will show up. For a 120 cm tall chair at 1:12 scale, it will say “10 cm”, which means your dollhouse chair should be 10 cm tall.

The most common scales in the dollhouse world are:

1:6Full ScaleBarbie dollhouses and dolls, Action figures
1:12Standard ScaleQueen Mary’s Dollhouse
1:163/4 ScalePetite Princess, Marx
1:182/3 ScaleLundby Dollhouses
1:24Half ScaleRobotime, Cutebee Dollhouse Kits
1:48Quarter ScaleQuarter Scale Miniatures
1:144Dollhouse in a DollhouseDollhouse in a Dollhouse

Tips for Accurate Conversions

  • Double-Check Units: Make sure you’ve selected the right units for both the original and new measurements.

  • Verify Scales: Ensure the scales you choose match what you need for your project.

  • Precision: For more accurate results, you might want to convert inches to millimeters before scaling, as it reduces rounding errors.